Pune’s Baner locality is known for many things that the Amar Serenity by Amar builders and developers also stands for. Some might say that it is being in the heart of the city, or the most developed area in the bustling city. Some might even think the Baner area is synonymous with the term “Clean Pune, Green Pune” but if there is one that describes Amar Serenity in Pashan and Baner is “Luxury”. It is often said that if you want to know which areas of the city are growing rapidly, try researching the real estate price trend. Baner has seen a gradual rise in the value of the real estate and the addition of Amar Serenity, Baner Pashan Link Road has added the jewel to the crown!

What Make Amar Serenity in Pune Luxurious?

Nestled in the prime locality of Baner, Amar Serenity offers luxury 2BHK and 3BHK homes that are spread across over 5 acres of land. As soon as you enter the blissful society, you will find yourself in a place that feels like heaven-on-Earth! What can be termed as luxurious is subjective but there are few luxuries that only a few residential complexes have in the city. In this blog, we highlight why Amar Serenity Society is the luxury area to live in Baner!

Architectural Marvel

When you hear the name Amar Serenity Properties being attached to any project, you can rest assured that luxury will start right from the first brick being laid for the construction! The Amar Serenity in Pashan is no different and the quality of the material being used is top of the class with a well-landscaped garden, thoughtful design, and spacious, free-flowing architecture.

Hi-tech Homes

Technology plays a key role in everyone’s day-to-day life. Naturally, it is also an integral part of the Amar Serenity in Baner project in multiple ways. From the latest tech-powered intercom facility and top-line fully automatic elevators in every building to a fully equipped gymnasium with the latest machines, this society is the epitome of using technology to better the lives of all residents.

Prioritizing Security

At Amar Serenity, the security of the residents is a top priority. The project developers have already made the entire residential campus a 24×7 surveillance thanks to the CCTV system. This enables the security team to always be vigilant and ensures the residents sleep peacefully. The complex also has a competent firefighting system, satisfying the compliance according to the local body.

Amazing Amenities

Apart from having the best luxury apartments in the Baner, Amar Serenity also offers some truly awesome amenities that elevate the living experience including the above-mentioned gym. The residential complex also has a holistic meditation hall, play area, and a swimming pool. Many of these amenities make the society truly unique and stand out from other projects in the Baner-Pashan area.

Perfect for All Ages

Another stupendous aspect of Amar Serenity in Pune is that it is perfect for anyone from a first-time apartment buying young crowd to families and senior citizens. Children will love to play in the area with a landscaped garden and plenty of games. Senior citizens would also be interested in making full use of the meditation halls and Senior Citizen Park.  With many places of leisure around the area such as pubs, malls, grocery stores, and Community Park, is it no wonder that Amar Serenity is the most sought-after real estate in the locality.