Everybody at one point of time suffers from mental block. It can be with regards to creative writing, drawing or some other work. You simply cannot concentrate, no matter how much you try, and you always come up blank.

The end result being, you start questioning your creativity and confidence. Many psychologists believe that artists are right brained since they are more attracted to patterns and visual images. Therefore, they need to defy logic, when it comes to sketching and create a drawing using their imaginations.

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Hurdles That Are Hindering Your Drawing Skills

First and foremost, you need to believe that there is nothing wrong with you. It is just a temporary phase. When you face such situations in life, prepare to become stronger and challenge yourself. There might be some habits that you might want to change, and which could be one of the reasons why your creativity has come to a standstill.

Below are some of the hurdles that might come in way of your drawing skills:

  • You are a chatterbox. No, there is nothing wrong with it, but when it comes to drawing, you need to fully concentrate on the work at hand
  • You are being too hard on yourself. You visualize an apple, its shape and texture, but what you doodle on the canvas is not the exact replica of your visualization
  • You are fully concentrating on completing the overall picture, than looking at the foundation such as the lines and edges that will help construct the image

Overcoming These Hurdles

If you are really serious about drawing, then why not enroll in some drawing classes. Many of the classes give tips on how to draw step-by-step right from simple shapes and patterns to abstract art. The internet is a wonderful tool. There are many drawing apps that can be downloaded onto your smartphone and used to make marvelous sketches.

Imagine you are at work and you see something that catches your eye. You definitely cannot take out your drawing supplies and begin drawing. Click on your drawing app and try to capture as much as detail possible about the image. Now that you have the draft ready, you can work on your masterpiece at home.

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Ensure that you are fully concentrating on your masterpiece. Let your imagination do the work for you. Concentrate more on finishing the baseline of your image, the final image will automatically emerge on the canvas.


You are never too old to learn. You just need to open your artistic side and let your creativity take over.