Starting college is a huge step to take. It can be thrilling and anxiety-inducing at the same time. You are going to be living away from home and opening yourself up to new experiences. It seems exciting and scary at the same time. You know when you are off to college, you need to ace it. Where you live has a crucial role to play in your college life. When living in a luxury residence like The Arc Winnipeg, you know you will be comfortable. When living in a noisy place and you don’t have your own space, you start to feel uncomfortable which starts to impact your work. Finding the perfect residence is never an easy task. Following are some of the amenities that your student residence should have, to be able to make your life easier.

High-Speed Internet

No student doesn’t use the internet. It is one of the basic tenants of a student’s life. Research is carried out both in the library and on the internet. Your submissions happen online and sometimes even in classes. There must be high-speed internet available. With high-speed internet, it becomes easier to be in touch with the family and also stream your favourite shows when you want to.

Smart TV

Yes, you are going to college to study. As much as academics is essential, it is also crucial to take a break and enjoy things you like. Having a smart Tv where you can stream all your favourite shows is crucial. Streaming an episode of your favourite show can be enough to change the mood. When there is a new season that you know you’ve been waiting for, you can binge it on a big screen.


College helps to expand the ocean of knowledge. With this ocean of knowledge, you also need to pay attention to your physical well-being. Being hunched over your laptop and reading late into the hours can cramp up your body and before you know it your body aches. You must hit the gym. As a student, the timings tend to be erratic. A gym that is open throughout the day will help you to stay physically healthy. Physical health and mental health also go hand in hand. Exercising can help to release stress.

General Store

We all forget to buy groceries every now and then. It is okay to get caught up and forget things. It’s all a part of growing up. When the supermarket is right there in the building, you know you needn’t worry. You can simply go down in your pjs and get what you need. If you have been craving your favourite snack, you know you only have to go down and get it.

Student’s Lounge

A student’s lounge is the place to catch up with everyone and gain social contacts. When you are bored and don’t want to be in your room alone, you can always head down to the lounge.