When as a student you move into a new city, you look for a cheap accommodation. If the university or college that you are enrolled in doesn’t offer any, then internet and friends become the next best option available. There are websites like Grabhouse that offers flat on rent in Pune even without brokers which can be checked and gone through. However, despite these options available, there is also the problem of not having proper understanding of the area. Therefore, it becomes important that the following factors be considered when looking for a flat on rent:

Students Renting Property

Neighborhoods: The quality of neighborhoods in which the rented property is located will play an important role. To cite an instance, if you rent in a place where the university is located nearby, chances are that the rents would be cheap, there will be rented places shared among students and free vacancies that are easily available on regular basis. Most of the time, these areas would also have cheap food options that would cater to the budget constraints of the students. Sometimes when looking for house on rent, it is also a good idea to talk with the neighbors to have a clear understanding on the type of people who live there and also on the behavior of the landlord with the students.

Property Neighborhoods

Besides these, sometimes neighbors can have complaints and restrictions when students are involved. This is the reason that the neighborhood should be well-known enough for better judgment of the property.

Property taxes: More often than not, the property owners levy the property tax on students even without their knowing. It is therefore, better to understand what kind of property taxes will be levied and what will the method of payment for the students who reside in the flat or house. You can also talk on the nearby tenants and other students to get a fair idea.

Property taxes

Crime rate: No one wants to stay in an area where the crime rate is high. Usually landlords are often vary about the giving their houses in Pune in rent especially to students, because they are often considered irresponsible. The best way to check the crime rate is by going through the crime statistics in the area. Rather than asking the land lord, it is best to check from neighbors, and frequency of police in your neighborhood.

property Crime rate

Jobs: Locations with growing employment opportunities tend to attract more people which would mean more tenants. However, this would also mean higher rates. To find out about the area, and the rates of the area, you can check and follow the classifieds, ads and ask local people.

Besides these aspects, you need to check the amenities of the potential neighborhood where you have decided to stay. These amenities would include parks, malls, gyms, public transport facilities, movie theaters etc. Furthermore, you need to also know about the recent building permits and future developments which has the chance of disturbing the price bracket of the surrounding properties.

property Jobs

It is important to talk with renters and homeowners in the neighborhood. The renters would be honest in their opinion about the neighborhood and it is important to visit him on different days of the week to have a better understanding of the future neighbors.