Preschool programs which properly nurture and stimulate the mind of young children help in better preparing them before they start school. A good Anaheim preschool should be able to help children be prepared for math, social interaction and reading which comes with kindergarten. Choosing the right preschool requires parents to undergo the selection process prepared. Thus, they need to have a solid idea of what exactly they want their kid to gain and learn from his preschool experience. Here are some helpful tips to help parents choose the right preschool for their children.

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Consider the Basics

In order to ensure that parents in Anaheim will not become overwhelmed by the selection process they need to take into account how the preschool will suit their daily life. They can consider the following:

  • Distance of the preschool to their home or workplace.
  • Ability of the school to provide childcare services in the morning or afternoon or both.
  • Eligibility or interest of parents in subsidized preschool programs which provide services like childcare programs focusing on giving educational opportunities.

Considering these aspects will be helpful in narrowing down the kind of setting and general location to research. Having a few choices left will make the preschool comparison a lot easier.

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Have Familiarity with Common Terms

For a lot of parents, attempting to understand terms like child-centered, Montessori approach, faith-based, The Reggio Emilia Approach, The Bank Street Approach and Waldorf approach is the most confusing part of selecting a preschool. What is the meaning of each of these terms and how they can be helpful in choosing a preschool?

  • The Waldorf Approach– This focuses on imagination in learning, offering children opportunities to explore the world through participation, the senses and analytical thought.
  • The Montessori Method– This place an emphasis on maintaining every child’s individuality in the learning process. Such method believes that every child has the ability to learn at their own pace and it is important for the educational process should not involve student comparison.

The Montessori Method

  • The Reggio Emilia Approach– This is centered on giving opportunities to solve problems through exploration and creative thinking.
  • The Bank Street Approach– This method is focused on helping students learn through multiple perspectives both inside and outside the classroom.
  • Child-centered- Usually, this term is used for describing settings which take the interest of children into account when planning some activities.
  • Faith-based– This is used for describing preschool programs which are run by faith organizations like synagogues or churches.

Conduct Research

Conduct Research

After narrowing down the general idea parents are interested in and having an idea of the kind of philosophy that fits their child, they can start doing research. First they can talk to other parents. They may have neighbors, friends or pediatricians who have preschoolers and can give them recommendations for quality preschool settings. Second, they can do their research in the internet to find active preschool networking communities within one’s area.

Visit the Chosen Preschool

Parents should be able to learn about a preschool setting by the way they will be approached by staff. During the visit, parents must determine if they feel welcome there, if their child looks interested in the preschool’s offer, the way adults and children interact there as well as the cleanliness and safety of the setting.

Author Bio: Shawna has been teaching preschool at an Anaheim preschool for ten years now. She is currently taking her masters in child development.