Education imparts knowledge and helps us develop a perspective of looking at life. Education is what helps us build strong opinions but the method of education makes all the difference. Parents have a tough time deciding what sort of education they should choose for their kid. Education isn’t only about helping you land on a great job.

 How should the foundation of education be?

Education goes beyond conveying just facts. It should also reform a person to someone better which is possible with Classical Christian education. The system teaches students about how to think independently. If you are looking for best Classical Christian schools in Texas visit Providence Classical School is one of the top-rated schools in Texas.

The school offers classical curriculum, Christian-centric education and academic excellence. The rigorous classical education offered instills in students the love for learning and prepares them to thrive in challenging situations. Find out how Classical Christian education is different from other education systems.

Goals of Classical Christian education:

  • Word-centered education: The importance of language is undermined in many education systems. Christian education focuses on the Trivium concept which emphasizes on reading, speaking, writing and speaking across all subjects. The graduates excel as gifted writers and speakers.
  • Inclusion of teachings from Historical Great books: Students are introduced to the books rooted to one’s own tradition. These books impart literary understanding and shape the soul.
  • Classical languages: The system believes that nuanced command over classical languages serves a major role in understanding God’s word. Latin and Greek are the primary focus.

  • Better understanding and communication: The second and third components of Trivium include understanding the truth behind conversations and mastering the art of communication. Students will actively engage in debates, learn via Socratic Method and sharpen their communication skills.
  • Human transformation: At the heart of Classical Christian education is the focus of transforming a person for the better. Rather than giving importance to college and career readiness, it is about making students rise to a greater purpose.

The age-specific K-12 learning method used helps students grasp on to concepts quickly. The education system believes utilizing God-given strengths during each stage of growth. Youth children are adept at memorizing and this stage is used to build a strong foundation.

Junior high students are generally inquisitive and hence more focus is given to improve their ability of reasoning whereas high school students have so much to convey and this education system helps them to present their views effectively.

Classical Christian education curriculum was uniquely designed by incorporating ancient techniques of student development. A large number of parents are embracing this education system since they are able to see the difference.