As a parent, you would want your child to learn things about the world, beyond the curriculum and textbooks. In that context, you can consider the alternative option of classical education. For the unversed, the classical education framework takes its basics from Greek and Roman civilizations. It is based on the Trivium, which is from the Middle Ages. If you are looking for a private school Spring Texas, you will find many that focus on classical education. Before taking the call, check the important aspects discussed below.

Knowing the Trivium

As we mentioned, classical education is based on The Trivium, which has three aspects – Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric. The Grammar Stage is more about factual learning, and this is about learning in the early grades, when children are absorbing knowledge and information. From the basics of math, grammar, and phonics, to Spanish vocabulary, they learn it all, which allows them to get ready for the next stage, which is Logic.

By the time you child is in fifth grade, he is entering the Logic state, which is also often called the Dialectic Stage. This is the time when children are encouraged to ask ‘whys’ and get answers from educators. There is enough focus on factual knowledge for sure, but they also learn to apply logic to all different areas of academics. They also learn many things about fine art and literature.

At high school, students are exposed to The Rhetoric Stage, where they are ready to use their knowledge and learning from Grammar and Logic stages to come up with their own views and find relevant conclusions. They finally find interest in areas that are important for their career.

Is Classical School right for your child?

Many parents want to know if Classical Schools are better than standard modern schools. There is no straight answer to that, but there are stark differences. Your child gets exposed to many things in Classical Schools as compared to modern schools, which rely mostly on technology and a standard curriculum. Eventually, the school you choose has a big role to play in how your child sees the world, and there is enough focus on each individual at Classical Schools, which may work better for some students.

Check online to find the top-rated Classical Schools in Texas, and don’t forget to visit in person, so as to understand the education framework and what it means for your child.