Everyone is a music lover, only that different genres appeal to people differently. While some find peace in listening to music, others find joy in playing musical instruments or humming the tunes. Playing musical instruments can be a career or hobby out of passion. The good thing is, there are hundreds of musical instruments anyone can learn. Some people play musical instruments to express themselves, relieve stress, boost their moods, or for fun. Check out the top five musical instruments you can easily learn.


A keyboard, also known as an electric piano, can produce a wide range of instrument sounds and tones with little sound synthesis. It is very versatile and requires only low maintenance. Learning how to play a keyboard has various benefits, especially for the younger generation. It develops fine motor skills, boosts memory,  concentration and builds focus skills. The difference between a keyboard and a piano is that a keyboard produces the sound electronically, and it is easily portable. You can learn to play it professionally or as a hobby.


A piano has always provided solace for those seeking escapism, fun, entertainment, and creative expression. The piano was invented around the 1700s and is useful for many music genres, including classical, jazz, and other popular types of traditional music. It is perceived as the best musical instrument to learn as a beginner as it is versatile and has an excellent capability to change dynamics. The modern piano comes with 52white and 36black keys, making a total of 88keys. It is a calming and relaxing musical instrument to play. As you learn to play the piano, you develop both physically and psychologically. Learning piano enhances fine motor skills, supports emotional expression, perseverance and concentration. It is also a way to relieve stress and boost self-confidence.

The classical guitar

Any string musical instrument with four to eighteen strings is considered a guitar. But a standard guitar has six strings and produces sound by plucking the strings with your fingers while fretting the strings with your other hand. Like most musical instruments, learning to play the guitar enhances fine motor skills, concentration, and memory. It also boosts self-confidence and broadens the learner’s knowledge of music theory.

Drum set

Drums are the oldest forms of musical instruments existing in different shapes and sizes. A drum produces sound by being struck with different beaters such as drum sticks or even bare hands. Playing drums can be a way to relieve stress, depression, or express frustration. Since playing drums is about coordination and timing, it teaches one to break complex tasks into manageable parts. Drumming is interactive and forces the player to be present at the moment.


A violin has four strings, and you play it by drawing a bow across the strings. Violins are popular in producing music genres such as jazz, country, and folk music. Learning how to play the violin improves coordination, concentration, and discipline. Playing the violin is also comparable to an upper-body workout because it takes strength and balance to maintain a posture and balance your violin in the right position for extended periods. It makes you a multitasker by improving hand-eye coordination.

The takeaway

Being able to play your favorite musical instrument is rewarding in several ways. You can do it out of your passion for music or learn it as a career, giving you a way to earn money.