Purchasing a vehicle is a sizable investment and so is hiring a driving instructor. When hiring one, it is recommended to do some research to learn of his skills, knowledge level and attitude. A good driving instructor will educate and teach a student on the best practices of driving whereas an incompetent instructor will further confuse their student. Here are some things you need to look for in a good driving instructor!

A valid qualification

All driving instructors should be registered with the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) and possess a green Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) identification certificate. A trainee driving instructor will possess a red identification certificate. The ADI certification comprises of 3 portions and is a rigorous examination by the DSA. A grade 4 is deemed satisfactory while a grade 5 is deemed competent. A grade 6 certification is deemed excellent and reflects the instructor’s excellent driving skills and knowledge.

A good attitude

Driving instructors should be thoughtful, caring, patient and knowledgeable. A good instructor cares about his or her student’s needs as well as being patient with the student’s attempts. The instructor should also be knowledgeable and strive to teach their student and provide them with knowledge. They should encourage the student to do better and not scold, insult or reprimand them.

A solid passing rate

This does not refer to the passing rate of the driving instructor but rather the passing rate of the students that engage the services of the instructor. A competent instructor shouldhave students that pass most of the time while an incompetent one may have a poor passing record.

A well maintained vehicle

Every instructor worth their salt should have a well maintained vehicle – after all, they themselves know the trouble that a badly maintained vehicle can cause. A clean vehicle reflects on the efforts and pride of the owner and shows that he or she is serious in their profession.