A lot of people do not like to network for their job search. They hate meeting strangers especially if they have an agenda. These people rather spend time clicking on the job boards’ “Apply” button than venturing out into the world of networking. Here are some wrong assumptions on networking for a job search.

Networking is Not an Easy Work

Definitely, networking is not hard work. If you have this mindset, you better change it now. Networking must be about seeing people who you like and usually linking you with those from your past and present life. This allows you to make new friends, take advantage of new opportunities as well as learn new interests and jobs. It is then important to network with those you can share common things: a former or present employer, a hobby or other interest, a neighborhood or town, a religion, a cause or a school. Networking is about socializing. You meet with people for lunch, coffee, jogging, movies, a drink, working, talking or dancing. Try to socialize as you aim to catch up with old friends.

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Networking Provides Big Rooms for Strangers

Such assumption is truly only if you prefer to take part in the type of events that are in rooms of strangers. But you can choose to network in individual or smaller groups usually with those you already know or with a blend of people you know and some strangers. If you are shy, you can network with a mix of old and new people so you can both catch up with old friends while you meet new people. The kind of networking achieved in such situations is really great.

Networking is about Using People

If you consider networking as a tool to use people, you are actually not networking in the right way. Networking should be focused on what it can do for you. To have an effective and genuine networking, concentrate on being helpful to other people instead of using them. When appropriate, you can make the introduction, share information, ask for help and ask for opinions. What you learn from them may help you prepare for an interview in the near future or deal with the job search process with ease.

Hopefully, people will give you help but not because they have been tricked by you. This would be using them. Do not keep score while you notice if a person tends to just take without give. This is using you. When carried out the right way, networking serves as mutual support and those who help you are doing this voluntarily maybe in response to something that you have done for them.

The Best Network

Your best network is the people you already know. You have probably worked with them before. Or you met them at a gathering or you grew up with them. Maybe you were members of an organization in the past.

Those who are more than forty or fifty have a huge advantage in the job market. This is the reason unemployment is quite high for fresh graduates than for boomers. People who are mature may have an easier time finding a job now due to the size of their networks. So find your job by continuing to expand your network but do it pleasantly.