Does the job of software architect appeal to you? Do you have a taste in the IT field? Do you like teamwork? A sense of analysis is one of your qualities? You can find the Best software development courses online at ABM College. Discover what is required of this profession.


The software architect is a professional in charge of creating or developing the architecture of a software before the development of the software by competent professionals. To accomplish this mission, the software architect begins by interviewing the various users to determine their needs and expectations.

From the information collected by customers or users, they draw up specifications allowing them to propose a software architecture model. The mission of the software architect, therefore, consists in creating or improving an abstract and digital model of the software to be developed.

In the case of already existing software, the software architect’s first mission is to conduct an audit and an analysis of the previous architecture. Then they design architecture according to the needs expressed by the customers. In collaboration with the developers, they supervise the design phase of the software.

Audit and Market Research

The first step in the work of the software architect is to study the needs and expectations of customers and software users. For this, they conduct an in-depth investigation to know perfectly the use and the need for such software.

From this information, the software architect can develop a document including the profile of the users, their needs, the time required, a benchmark of competitors on these products, etc.

This document is the basis of the software architect’s project.

Architecture Design

Then, the software architect moves on to the architecture design stage. they ensure cost reduction but, above all, optimizes software quality. For this, they seek to respect several criteria such as conformity, efficiency, autonomy, or reusability.

Advice and Support

Finally, the software architect works with his clients for advice and support services. They first present the architecture to the customers and the software developers.

The software architect can also intervene later with users to provide software training.

Qualities and Skills

The software architect is an IT expert, but also has skills and human qualities essential to the profession.

Here are a few:

  • Sense of organization: The software architect perfectly masters his field of expertise. The work requires them to carry out several tasks, which they can carry out with order and organization.
  • Sense of analysis: The software architect collects information from customers and future users to establish the specifications. This requires specific analytical skills.
  • Teamwork: Finally, the software architect works in a team. They interviews users but mainly collaborate with developers to implement the software.


The salary of a software architect depends on his seniority and the company that employs them. As this position is generally not accessible to young graduates, the software architect already has a few years of experience in IT.

The salary is between $5,000 and $8,000 gross per month.


The experienced software architect can progress to the functions of the head of the architecture department and the positions of director of the information system.