If you have a family in Bangkok or you are planning to move your family to Bangkok, you surely know what a large undertaking it can be. Busy rush hour traffic, hectic work schedules, and planning meals are just a few of the things in your daily lives that every family must tackle. Choosing a school for your child is an important decision for every parent. Choosing the right school while your family is living in Bangkok is essential for your family finding peace and rhythm in the busy city. This can be easily accomplished by keeping a few things in mind while you are looking around.

Bilingual or International

One of the first decisions you will need to make when looking for a school in Bangkok is what kind of curriculum you want your child to learn. Some schools offer a bilingual education. Usually this means the student’s day will be split into Thai and English respectively while some offer Chinese language classes as well. The other option is an international school which follows a curriculum from the United States or England, for example. These schools usually teach in one language primarily and could cost more than the bilingual schools.


It may not be the first thing you would think of considering when looking for a school, but how your child gets to and from school may require some forethought. In order to get to an international school in Bangkok, residents may have to travel quite some distance because they don’t live nearby.

A few ideas for transportation are:

  • BTS/MRT light rail networks
  • Buses
  • Grab/Taxi
  • School operated buses

If you need to go to work after dropping your child off at school you may consider a school close to your work or home to cut down on commute times.


Perhaps the number one thing on many parents mind’s after the education is the price. There are dozens of schools in the Bangkok metro area with a wide range of prices. The prices typically rise as your child gets older so expect the tuition fees get more expensive in the future. Bilingual schools are more often on the more affordable end whereas some international schools in Bangkok can cost nearly one million baht a year. Whatever your budget, Bangkok is home to many schools with accredited education curriculums that will help your child learn and grow at all ages.