With many subjects to learn, students find it difficult to comprehend every topic. The reason for the same being, visualisation skill is required to understand a concept. Thus, many times, it may be impossible for all students to visualise all topics that have been taught in a period of 6 to 7 hours they spend at school. To circumvent the same, parents enrol their child in tuitions or branded coaching institutes. However unless the tuition or branded coaching institute takes the onus to encourage visualisation of the students, through the use of multiple diagrams and detailed explanation, it may be difficult for the students to understand. So what is the solution in such cases?

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) e-Learning Solutions

This is where e-learning companies in India and across the world came out with the idea of developing Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) e-learning solutions to make comprehension of the students easy. Virtual Reality (VR) devices, like a VR headgear, can be worn by the students to gain a thorough understanding of different subjects like mathematics, science, history, and geography. The appealing aspect of best AR VR companies in India who are into the creation of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) e-learning solutions is that the VR/AR-based e-learning solutions are designed to make the imagination of the students easy, esp. to lessen their burden of reading every line with high concentration to comprehend the concepts. By wearing a VR based headgear, students will be immersed in a virtual world full of all types of information. On the other hand, Augmented Reality (AR) devices such as handheld devices can be used to understand the world around us, since the AR devices provide computerised details of the objects one point the handheld device like a mobile or tablet to.



In mathematics, for learning the theories associated with the circle chapter, visualization plays a significant role. By using Virtual Reality (VR) based e-learning solutions, students can explore and grasp the concept of circles, right from basics to advance level in the virtual world, slowly, at their own convenient pace. Thus, students are spared from the burden of visualising each and everything, as they learn through the animated content shown in the virtual environment. Similarly, when 3D geometric structures such as a sphere, pyramid, cube, and cuboid have to be understood, visualization is of high importance. For the same, best AR VR companies in India create AR-based apps or e-learning solutions so that students can use the AR-based e-learning solution to match the shape and size of the objects such as a cube, sphere, or other 3D geometric structures to get a hold over their properties. In other words, AR handheld devices with e-learning courseware can assist students to compare and learn the concepts they learn in the textbooks with real-world objects.

Science :

Students can easily understand the subject of biology by slipping into a Virtual Reality-based e-learning solution. To elaborate, the Virtual Reality-based e-learning solution smartly developed by the e-learning companies in India will take the students in a lab-based environment to explain to them the functioning of different organs, blood flow to different organs, reactions of veins and arteries and many more intricate concepts.