After a decade, Instagram has transformed from a photo-sharing app to an effective marketing channel. Last year, it released multiple new business tools like shoppable Instagram posts & stories, advanced analytics, IGTV, and standalone video platform. It doesn’t matter, if your niche is media, publishing, education, or eCommerce, building an Instagram presence pays off.

If you want to progress efficiently on Instagram, then you need to get familiar with the ins and outs of this platform. How to track KPIs? How to create Instagram stories?

Reasons for an Instagram marketing campaign

  • Instagram’s visual nature offers great opportunities for businesses to display their products.
  • The users are commonly online shoppers, who decide to buy after some displays catch their eyes. The popular categories are jewelry, clothes, shoes, and makeup. A shopping mindset defines a quality customer as quick to convert.
  • Instagram is a great place for creating brand awareness and connecting with potential customers.
  • The demographic is significantly different than other social sites. [16 to 24 years]
  • Some compelling stats related to Instagram marketing –
  1. 25% of users are more likely to be in the high-income group, than the average internet users.
  2. 20% of internet users hold an Instagram account.
  3. Average post engagement is 3.31% for the best 25 brands in comparison to Twitter 0.07%.

The stats reveal how crucial Instagram marketing is crucial. Building followers on Instagram takes effort and time, so to save the inconvenience businesses buy followers from Greedier Social Media firm. The firm offers high quality followers that help them to improve their brand credibility quickly.

Downside of Instagram

  • Unfortunately, the downside is you can miss out on elders and senior citizens as they are not on Instagram. It is an amazing platform if your target audience is young demographics.
  • If they are Baby Boomers then avoid this platform. You can even have copyright issues because the moment you upload images, there is nothing to inhibit them from sharing. You can add a watermark for some constrains.
  • Instagram is intended for Apple and Android Smartphones. Even though you cover the majority of the market, a small portion of the audience gets excluded.

Instagram algorithm

Factors that determine your post’s performance on Instagram algorithm includes –

  • Interest
  • Timeliness
  • Relationship
  • Frequency
  • Followers
  • Usage

How will you reach the top with an Instagram marketing strategy?

Even though it is a different platform than the other social network, the basic principle is the same. Before posting listen to what users respond to. Monitor what other brands post. Check what works and what flops. It gives an idea of what will be effective for your business.

  • Social networking to show results can be time-consuming. If you have less time than outsource your digital marketing needs instead of doing it half-heartedly. You can get involved in the strategy building and review phase. Leave social listening, posting, and reporting to professionals. Be ready to trust professionals!
  • Create a budget after you determine whether you need to outsource. Even think about hiring professional photographers.
  • Be patient, as building an audience base and gaining credibility on the social network takes months.
  • You can choose Instagram tools to help you automate some posting parts and find the right tags for increasing likes and followers.
  • Creativity does not mean a beautiful image. It has to be something outside the box, which makes your post worth sharing.

How to start Instagram marketing?

  • A well-planned strategy is crucial before you start uploading your posts.
  • Set some general goals about what you desire to accomplish from this platform.
  • Get a full understanding of your goals and set specific objectives. E.g., if you aim to create brand awareness then how will you identify you achieved it. So, define the number with the timeframe in your strategy. Even if you fall short, it doesn’t mind because you have a goal to pursue and are certainly not wasting your time.
  • Determine your target audience’s interest, location, and behavior on Instagram.
  • What kind of content do you desire to post?
  • What will be the post frequency? Never allow your account to get stale, so have regular post schedules determined in advance.
  • It is essential to track your post-performance. It gives an idea of the likes and comments your posts get? How many followers follow you? What posts are more popular?

How to set an Instagram business profile?

Assuming you already have a Facebook page set a Facebook Business Page. Choose the business category and give the page a name. Upload profile photo that represents your business. Even your logo or product image can be uploaded as a profile photo.

Now, log in to your Instagram account. Tap the ‘Gear’ icon and gain access to settings. Tap on ‘Switch to Business Profile’ and ‘Continue’. You will get connected to your Facebook page. Set your page to ‘Public’, if your current status on Instagram is ‘Private’ when you switch business profile.

On Facebook, you will have to add contact info, so customers can contact you. Tap ‘Done’ and your Instagram business profile gets created.

Instagram profile optimization

Your Instagram profile represents your brand, so it is essential to curate its feel and look. You get a few seconds to convert a visitor on your page into a follower. It gets determined with a glance. So, to create an outstanding first impression, focus on building consistent Instagram visuals.

For this, choose a consistent color palette for your feeds. Lighting is also a key element along with color choices. Where to space your busy images and clean content to get a balance is a challenge. The flow has to be natural, so keep things consistent. Choose images that naturally fit your aesthetics and theme.

Brand introduction via Instagram Stories highlights

Instagram Stories Highlights allows displaying your products or offers quickly. It gives the feel of a movie trailer. You can put together different categories or topics or events so that visitors can click on the content they are specifically interested in.

Instagram Bio optimization

  • Use the company name and not your username on Instagram.
  • Turn your username and hashtags into clickable hyperlinks.
  • Explain accurately what your brand is about and even your unique skills, hobby, profession, or interest.
  • Choose relevant keywords as they offer your account focus and connection with potential followers.
  • With add new links with your published Instagram posts, which will direct the visitors to your website.
  • Add the contact button on your profile’s top area.

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