It was impossible to get a juris doctor degree online in the past. Any legal degrees were limited to paralegals or something similar. Now, thanks to improved online education and state exam boards becoming more accepting of alternative types of educational degrees offered by legitimate universities, you can earn your law degree online with a schedule that fits your lifestyle.

Online learning makes a law career possible for more people than ever before

Not every college offers a law degree, and gaining acceptance into some programs can be more challenging than others. This meant that those who aspired to be lawyers had to apply to many schools and then be willing to relocate to the area where the school that accepted them was located. That severely limited the type of person who could even consider a career in law. Now talented and bright individuals can earn their law degree at home. It makes it possible for those with families or working full time to pursue the degree and career they want.

Online law degrees offer affordable tuition

The cost of higher education is on the rise. Online education offers a more budget-friendly alternative to a brick-and-mortar classroom. Financial aid packages are applicable to online education as well, as long as the university is accredited. Add in the fact that online education allows students to take classes where they live rather than spending a ton on relocation.

Being able to hold down a full-time job while attending classes outside of work hours also makes it more financially feasible for many people.

Learning law online allows you to study when it is best for you

People learn differently. Online education allows students to study and do their classes when it suits them. For example, if you are not a morning person, you can do your classes in the evening. Of course, if you have a job, you may have more limited time to choose from, but having some flexibility makes it easier to study when you are feeling sharper and more relaxed.

Taking your classes at a location you are most comfortable at and dressing however you want can make for a more relaxed learning experience.

Tips for online education success

While it may seem like taking classes online is easier, the truth is that they are just as challenging as in-person instruction. You have to learn the same material and information you would in a traditional classroom setting. What may make it seem easier is that you can do it on your own time and without the pressure of answering questions or asking them in class.

It is possible to get behind or do poorly in online classes. Always remember that. However, if you follow some basic tips, you can do very well and achieve a degree that allows you to pursue your dreams.

Get better at time management

Some people are naturally good at managing their time, while others do better when someone helps them set a schedule. If you have trouble with time management, don’t worry because it is possible to get better at it if you use a few tactics. First of all, you need to prioritize your tasks. We all have things that absolutely have to be done and things we would like to do. When balancing your life outside the classroom with your academic life, you need to create a schedule at least a week in advance. Planning ahead will allow you to space out your obligations as well as you can and avoid waiting until the last minute to take care of high-priority obligations and assignments.

It is important not to pack a schedule too tightly. It is impossible for everything to always be accomplished in the absolute, minute-by-minute time frame you might plan out.

Build-in breaks

You need breaks throughout the day, but particularly during your private study sessions. Studying for hours with no break is often not beneficial. You must take time to do something else and give your brain a break. Even a 20–30-minute break can make a big difference in how well your study sessions go. It also gives you time to eat and drink, so you stay sharp and hydrated.

Occasionally, you need a day where you don’t do anything class-related. No matter how passionate you are about gaining your law degree, taking time for other things and the people in your life is important. Do not neglect your personal relationships in the pursuit of your degree. With a well-managed schedule, there is no excuse for doing this.

Remember that gaining your degree is going to take some time. If you have a lot of obligations, then you might consider taking slightly longer to complete your program. There is no shame in being a part-time student. Taking things a little slower than never starting at all is far better. In addition, you will learn better if you are not so rushed and stressed.

Take advantage of online office hours

It can be easy to only meet with instructors when absolutely necessary. It is not always a good thing. Consider how you might occasionally meet with an instructor or advisor if you were attending a brick-and-mortar school of higher learning.  Getting advice and taking advantage of mentorship can help you get the most out of your degree program and allow you to explore what type of lawyer you might want to be.

Don’t ignore online class forums

Interacting with other students can be fun, encouraging, and helpful. Online forums are great places to ask questions and even form study groups. You don’t have to be in the same room to study together. Thanks to Zoom, Google Meet, and other meeting software, you can conduct online study groups and even record the sessions for later review if everyone agrees.

Class forums are good ways to network and make friends. Remember that those you meet in the forum are potential future colleagues.

Always have a backup method for internet access

While some people may have internet access that is always fast and consistent, there are still plenty of areas where service is lacking. Regardless of how reliable your connection is, you should make sure you have an alternative backup. For most people, their cell phone can be used as a hotspot if necessary. While data may be limited, you can usually purchase additional data if needed. By having a backup source of internet access, you can save yourself a lot of time and frustration.

Go above and beyond

Classes can teach you a lot, but you should consider them a starting point. If your studies lead you to an area of law that interests you a lot, then you should find out more in your spare time. Plenty of law students learn a lot more by finding cases and areas of law that are of personal interest to them and studying them. Of course, you want to be sure not to get sidetracked too much. The assignments and subjects you must take for your degree are of the utmost priority. After that, explore as much as you want or have time for.

Consider what type of lawyer you want to be

There are many different areas of law and types of lawyers. Civil, criminal, family, and corporate law are the most common categories. Finding employment in some fields of law may be easier than others, depending on where you live or are willing to relocate.

One must also consider how much they want to work and where they want to spend their time. Corporate lawyers often command the highest salaries but must work the longest hours. Some lawyers spend a lot more time in courtrooms than others. For example, a criminal or civil case lawyer might spend considerable time in court, whereas a family lawyer may spend little time.

Some niches of law are very specialized, such as real estate law. In this case, most of your work will be outside the courtroom. In fact, you may not enter one for a long time.

Some online degree programs offer specializations that allow you to customize your degree to fit the type of law you most want to pursue in your future career. Cleveland State University offers a juris doctor online degree program that offers mentorship from the start, and specializations in health law, business law, corporate compliance, cybersecurity, health, criminal law, cybersecurity, and space law are available.

How virtual classrooms are different

While it might seem like a brick-and-mortar classroom is more personal, the truth is that virtual classrooms can encourage more interaction and collaboration. For starters, students can communicate through classroom chats and meet in forums. For some people who might be shy about speaking up in class, a virtual classroom offers them the opportunity to interact from a place where they are comfortable without many people looking at them directly.

Study groups can have their own breakout chat room adjacent to the online classroom so they can chat in real time without involving others or interrupting the lesson plan.

Virtual classrooms may be set up slightly differently depending on the platform that is used, but the point is to simulate a regular classroom as much as possible while providing better ways to interact and connect.

That being said, it is a good idea to take part in live classes when you can. You by no means have to take part in every live event offered, but at least some.

Are distance and online learning as good as in-person learning?

Yes! There are ample reasons why students get a fantastic educational experience via distance learning. If you are a disciplined and motivated person in any situation, you are guaranteed to walk away with more knowledge than you arrived with. In fact, you may be able to get a better education if you are someone who learns better when you are more in control of when and where you study.

Of course, online learning, like any educational experience, is largely what you make of it. If you take advantage of all the learning, mentoring, and collaboration opportunities presented, you will have a far richer experience than someone just doing the bare minimum.

Some students combine their online education with internships, jobs, or volunteer work related to their degree program. For example, working as a law clerk would provide valuable experience while working towards your juris doctor online degree.

It is important to take your online education as seriously as you would if you were attending physical classes. Online instructors are no easier than in-person ones. You will need to work hard and complete all your assignments in order to pass and qualify to take the bar exam in your state.

Online degrees versus degrees from brick-and-mortar law schools?

Average salaries are comparable between those with degrees from accredited online programs and those from brick-and-mortar universities. Consider that the best online programs are offered by these same universities, and it makes sense that salaries would be no different on average.

The biggest differences in salary are due to location, the type of law you practice, how many hours you work, and your experience and track record. The best thing you can do is get started on your degree and work as hard as possible to do well in any classes or internships you are involved with.

How to know if a law degree is right for you

Law is an exciting and in-demand profession, but it takes considerable education and discipline. There are some factors to consider when making the decision to enter the world of law.

Are you comfortable doing a lot of research?

No matter what branch of law you are interested in, you will need to do a lot of research while pursuing your degree and when practising law. You may be shocked just by how much research may be involved in some more complicated cases.

Do you enjoy working with others?

Some branches of law involve working directly with people more than others, but regardless, you will need to be good at working with others and making them feel comfortable with you. When people choose a lawyer, they place a great deal of trust in them, so you want to try to form a good connection right away if you want to land a client for life.

Does the idea of a lot of paperwork intimidate you?

Lawyers do a lot of paperwork. A lot of people vastly underestimate just how much paperwork and writing is involved in all aspects of the law. If you are uncomfortable with a lot of paperwork and writing, you should reconsider a career in law or at least consider entering a branch of law that puts you in a courtroom more often. Areas like family or real estate law are more paperwork-intensive than others.

Are you good at looking at both sides of an issue?

No matter what side you are on, it is important to always look at both sides of a case and try to put yourself in their position. It is how you help build the best argument for your side. There is a tendency in the modern age to ignore the other position too much due to extreme bias.

Are you capable of defending a corporation or person you believe is guilty?

If you wish to enter corporate or criminal law, you may be asked to help or defend a corporation or person you think is guilty. To succeed in these areas of law, you have to be able to put aside your bias and do as good a job as to get as positive an outcome for your client as possible.


Now is a great time to pursue your juris doctor degree and get on the path to a bright new career with much potential for advancement. You can take classes part-time to accommodate a busy schedule. While this means it will take slightly longer to graduate, it is far better to get started pursuing the degree and dream job you want than to never do it.

Online degree programs offer a fantastic opportunity for those who want to pursue an advanced degree without disrupting their ability to earn or relocate.